Noble Erosion is a Colorado-based erosion control contractor focused on compliance with the EPA and SWPPP guidelines as well as the environmental impact of new-builds.

Our biggest concerns are the Environment and the satisfaction of the construction contractors who hire us.

We take great care in designing and carrying out our plans for erosion control in order to lessen the environmental impact caused by soil disturbances. While construction and drilling are necessary for the evolution of our communities, great care needs to be taken to preserve the beauty that nature has given us. Let us bear that burden for you, with services that include perimeter control and clean ups, installing silt fencing, maintenance throughout construction, and the building of retention and detention ponds.

Our trained professionals will carry the responsibility of your stormwater drainage needs from start to finish. We specialize in storm water designs, permitting, and implementation of BMPs.

When we’re not doing erosion control, we offer snow removal services to those in Northern Colorado, particularly Fort Collins, Loveland, and the surrounding area.

We will monitor, maintain, and keep your job site in compliance with environmental standards for the duration of the project. Your peace of mind and the safety of your business is only a phone call away!

Getting started with Noble Erosion is simple. We would love to talk with you about your environmental compliance, land development, or construction planning needs.

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President & CEO Chris Vigil is a hands-on leader and is heavily involved in all field operations. He keeps on top of all current trends in the erosion control industry and always strives to provide the best service and products possible.​


​​General Manager Bob Vigil is dedicated to 100% satisfaction and compliance on site. His lengthy experience in building and erosion control is an asset for Noble Erosion and our clients alike.